Negotiations between ILWU and PMA

Beside the current delays we are facing on the US West coast, particularly in the Californian ports in part due to the local trucking situation, we would like to remind you that the US West Coast dockers, represented by the ILWU and the US West Coast ports through the PMA are in the process of negotiating the renewal of their labor contracts. The sensitive nature of these discussions could lead to possible strikes as from July 1st 2014. As sailing times vary from 1 month to 45 days according to the wine producing country involved, we would strongly advise you to take this information into consideration when planning your future orders.
Furthermore, should strikes occur, that would also create a very serious and critical congestion in other ports such as the Golf and US East Coast ports (about 300,000 teus are handled per week through the US West coast ports). Several ocean carriers, such as the one indicated in the attached document, have started to send reminders concerning the congestion surcharge which was filed in 2012 with the FMC (during the negotiations between the USMX et ILA). It would represent significant extra costs, about $1000 per container. It may also imply additional detention, demurrage and storage fees in the event of a strike.

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