In 2014, several Northern and particularly Southern vineyards have been penalized in volume whereas the situation is better in central Italy.

According to UIV and ISMEA estimations, wine production will be around 41 million hectoliters which represents a reduction of 15% compared to last year’s 48.2 million hectoliters. 2013 was particularly abundant with production increased by 8% compared to the average over the last five years.

The 2014 harvest is therefore reduced by 15%, 8% in Piedmont and 17% in Veneto. The situation is even worse in Southern Italy with Sicily down by 27% and Puglia 25%.

On the other hand, production in the central wine producing regions has increased by 3% in Tuscany, 10% in Umbria and 7% in Marche.

This is the direct result of unstable weather and very unusual conditions this year.