U.S. trucking situation

U.S. trucking situation

Following our previous publication on February 1st, 2018, the U.S. trucking situation is not improving and huge delays continue.
More ocean carriers are contemplating the option of stopping their door deliveries. This severely impacts deliveries to the Mid-West, Texas or the West Coast. Some ocean carriers offer services to Rail/Ramp only (e.g. Chicago, IL or Columbus, OH) where it can take 7 to 10 days if no longer to retrieve containers.
Any demurrage, detention or storage fees that may occur are the responsibility of the client.

Please contact TRANSO USA for any additional information.

USA : Truck shortage & domestic transportation challenges

USA : Truck shortage & domestic transportation challenges

We draw your attention to the general and growing shortage of truck drivers and road haulers which is causing an increase in delivery times in some parts of the US and Canada that may cause extra demurrage, detention and storage costs (let’s remember these costs are the responsibility of the merchandise payable by the consignees or their custom brokers before moving the container out of the terminal or ramp).

The transport sector has been under pressure for many years and a peak is currently being reached due to the terrible weather events that have hit the USA in 2017 and early 2018 (hurricanes of category 4 & 5, severe wildfires and recent snow storms). 

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BALGUERIE, new image

BALGUERIE, new image

Let’s just imagine the future. BALGUERIE is about to unfold its new corporate branding. A low-key design, but which has a lot to say. Deriving its inspiration from the various means of transport. A nod in the direction of our history. Aimed at making things simpler whilst maintaining our DNA. The needle of the compass which signifies control and traceability. The four cardinal points which recall our worldwide coverage. At a slant for speed and precision. Blue like the sky and the seas. A distinguishing mark which is recognised straight away and adaptable. An identity which is innovative, reassuring, easy to understand, modern, cohesive and arrayed with efficiency. And a signature which reveals our ambition.

Enjoy our new image:

BALGUERIE, new image